My name is Lacey. Apparently that is extremely confusing for strangers because I have been called many things by many people, but rarely do they call me Lacey. This blog will explore who I am now - according to strangers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today my name is Lisa

Today I will be Lisa del Giocondo - also known as Lisa Gherardini or Lisa di Antonio Maria Gherardini. But most importantly, the one that everyone should be familiar with - also known as Mona Lisa.

You know, her

The Mona Lisa (the painting, not the woman) was a portrait of Mona Lisa (the woman, not the painting) commissioned by her husband. It wasn't until well after her death that the painting became famous.

I'm going to ignore the part where she married an old man and had six children. It's so incredible to think that the things that we do now, the things that we don't see as being extraordinary, can make such a huge difference later. (I'm realistic, I know this isn't likely, but it does happen). "The things you do now matter. The things you don't do matter." -Dead Like Me

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today my name is Stacey

Well. This is pretty close to Lacey, but...something about horse shoes.

Stacey means either bountiful grapes or resurrection (obviously Lacey means lace-like, which clearly I'm not).

Growing up (because children are horrible people) we used to call girls named Stacey "spacey Stacey". I'm not sure that bountiful grapes or resurrection really work with the spacey thing, but kids aren't clever, just mean.

There have been a lot of sports and music people named Stacey, a pole vaulter, some models and politicians but I don't really feel like being any of those things today. Instead I am Stacy Brooks - activist.

Well really, today I'm Stacy Brooks because she's an activist who speaks out against Scientology. Amazing. Stacy was in the "organization" for 15 years before leaving and now speaks out against them, participates in lawsuits against them and helps people leaving the "organization" recover from the abuse of the "organization".

Here's a quote, "The truth is much simpler: I am no longer under the influence of the coercive and manipulative methods of Scientology and I can now see how abusive the practices of this group are. There are many people who are still its psychological and emotional captives."

You go Stacy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lacey for a change

Sooooooo. Originally the thought was that I'd post an update 5 times a week (the 5 days I get coffee while at work). But I've had a cold for a couple of weeks and haven't been drinking coffee. I promise that I'll have a new hilarious name soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today My Name Is Lisse

This morning the lovely cashier at a nearby coffee shop (yeah Stalkerbucks, whatever) decided that Lacey sounds like Lisse. I guess I can see that. Sort of.

Originally my thought for the blog was that I would google the name I had been given that day and read about whatever famous/notable people had been given that name before me. However, in my google search I found that Lisse is a town in South Holland and is home to the world's largest flower garden. Today I will gladly be a flower garden.